Things to Do in Belize in 2018

Earning the title of second-largest reef in the world and teeming with tropical wildlife, Belize is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in 2018. The island is located on the Caribbean coast of Central America, the prime link between North America with South America.  

Belize is also frequented by all types of travelers seeking thrill and adventure or wanting to relax with a loved one on one of the many pristine beaches. Are you thinking of taking some time off from work and visiting beautiful Belize? Here are the top things you can do at the island!

Explore the Reef

Belize boasts of a rich and wonderful marine life, tucked safely just beneath the pristine water. Crocodiles, manatees, whale sharks, octopus and turtles rank as the larger inhabitants – predominantly found in the coastal sea, inland swamps and waterways.

Additionally, six hundred species of fish and invertebrates make up the remaining water of this tropical island. Due to less commercial traffic, almost all marine species are able to maintain healthy numbers.

Belize reef.png

This is why scuba-diving is a popular adventure sport in the country. There are many popular diving spots in Belize including Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Silk Cayes, Laughing Bird Caye, and Glovers Reef Atoll. 

Take a Hike

Hiking or mountain biking are two guaranteed ways to relax in Belize. In fact, you can learn more about the island country’s culture and its people in this way!

Belize Forest.png

Most jungle resorts in Belize offer guided (or self guided) nature trails to guests. These nature trails are well defined paths, offering scenes of differing beauty and marked points of interest.

People interested in botany can have a lesson primarily consisting of native trees and plants with their local as well as scientific name.

Have a Culinary Adventure

Visiting a foreign and exotic tropical island but won’t try their local cuisine? It will be a wasted trip! While most tourists try safe and typical Belizean cuisine (such as stewed chicken, rice and beans, many lobster dishes and ceviche ), why not try something new?

Belize Fruits.png

Embark on a culinary adventure and sample local delights like traditional coconut fish stew. Add a splash of a veggie-based hot sauce and enjoy local food at its best and most tasty.

The wonderful island of Belize is all about adventure, exploration and relaxing under the warm and pleasant sun. Cannot find suitable living accommodations in Belize? Investing in soursop or teak wood farming with TKO Farms, Inc. will make your travel plans easier! Learn how by calling us today.