Is Investing in Belize Worth It?

The smell of the beach never gets old… which is why people reaching their retirement often choose a place where there’s lots of sun, sand and relaxation. Yet not many can afford the swashbuckling lifestyle of Arizona and Florida, considered to be the best retirement options!

Know what? It is time to give other beautiful tropical places a chance. Latin America (especially Belize) is quickly becoming a popular retirement destination for not only Americans but Canadians and Europeans as well!

Retiring is one thing, investing in Belize is quite another. So, where does this Central American island country stand? Is it worth investing in this tropical paradise?

Ideal Location

Belize enjoys a strategic location due to being situated in Central America, which connects North and South America. This means the small country is easily accessible from the US and Canada. Such close distance to Canada and the US promotes a short travel time by plane as well as no time zone difference.

Low Cost of Living

Many US investors are unaware of the fact that their purchasing power doubles compared with investing in the US or Canada. Additionally purchasing power in Belize is far greater than in Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Buying good real estate in the island country is also possible in an affordable price range. This makes it cheaper to live in Belize! Investors can also plan affordable and fantastic vacations to the country, check their investment and fly off to their country.

Amazing Retirement Program

The Government of Belize offers incredible tax breaks to people who want to invest in Belize, either full or part-time. Additionally, their QRP program allows investors who are 45 or older and live in Belize nearly 30 days of these breaks.

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Reliable Financial Institutions

There are several commercial and local banks/credit unions in the country that offer a specialized range of services to residents and non-residents. These financial services help make life of an investor easier when it comes to handling and managing money to and fro from Belize.

Furthermore, many offshore institutions offer security, privacy, and asset protection for citizens of USA and Canada who have investments in Belize.

So yes… it is definitely worth Agricultural investing in Belize. The question is how and on what? Have you ever considered investing in production and export of Belizean cash crops? Learn how to invest in this sector can be done with the help of TKO Farms, Inc.