Whether you’re in Belize with your family on a trip, as an adventurer, or on a beach vacation, you’re going to feel welcomed warmly by the people and culture. Belize’s various customs and traditions are representative of more than eight cultures.

Belize truly is a fusion of colorful personalities, making our 321,115 residents the greatest attraction for tourism. The Belizeans come from a variety of cultures, such as the Maya, Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, Mennonite, East Indian, Chinese and Arab.


Expatriates from the US, Canada and Europe round them out, many of whom retire here. There’s no better example of cultures blending in seamlessly together.

The official language in Belize is English, but the one with the most currency is Kriol, the Belizean version of Creole. There are other languages spoken here as well, Mandarin, Garifuna, Maya and Spanish.