Richard Melland, CEO

Mr. Melland is a native of Michigan. Following service to his country in the United States Marine Corps, he returned to Michigan and became an Assembly Line Man at Pontiac Motors for two years. 

He managed to save enough money while at Pontiac to purchase a Standard Oil and Gas Station. In 1977, he sold all of his assets and moved to California. 

After joining the Local 12 Operating Engineers, he purchased a gas station, mini-mart and two restaurants in the Coachella Valley. 

In 1985, Mr. Melland created a partnership and started to procure land for development. He sits on the Board of Directors of a number of publicly traded companies.


Tom Owen, President

Tom Owen is an avid outdoorsman, having ten years’ experience with Coos Bay Timber Operators in North Bend, Oregon.

Tom has worked in emergency health services and volunteered for the Benewah County, Idaho Sherriff’s Department.

Tom is also a senior pastor with the Tensed, Idaho Community Church.


Shinsuke Nakashima, Treasurer/Secretary

Shinsuke Nakashima is a remarkable individual.  

Born in Japan in 1981, he followed his dreams and moved to the United States in 2000.  

He studied hospitality management and business at California Polytechnic University, Pomona, graduating with honors. Shinsuke then entered the fast-paced world of the upscale hospitality industry, achieving success and notoriety for his abilities ensuring guest satisfaction.

He developed a sincere passion for helping others and with encouragement from friends and clients, launched a second career as an interpreter/translator for organizations in the financial and healthcare industries. 
Using his extensive 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry in both Asia and the US, Shinsuke plans, arranges and conducts conferences, as their liaison, for international representatives from various industry fields. 
An astute investor, Shinsuke raises capital for small and medium sized companies and also invests funds to help companies’ grow.  He focuses his investment selections on those small to medium-sized companies with substantial growth opportunities.


Abner Alas, Farm Manager

Abner was born in Belmopan City. He graduated from Sacred Heart Junior College with an Associate Degree in International Business and two years later from the University of Belize, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. 

On May of 2011, Abner started working at ScotiaBank, Spanish Lookout as a Teller. Three months after leaving ScotiaBank, he was offered a job at M&V Farms Ltd, whereby he was hired as an Administrative Assistant. He worked as an Administrative Assistant for almost four years before he was promoted to General Manager. 

Abner now manages M&V Farms Ltd., which consists of 12 employees and occasional temporary workers. 


General Manager (October 2015- Present)
Administrative Assistant (October 2011- September 2015)
M&V Farms Ltd

    Maintaining Ledgers
    Accounts payable and receivable
    Preparing Social Security
    Preparing payroll
    Responding to inquiries from employees
    Creating and maintaining office documents
    Ordering supplies needed for the farms
    Dealing with legal issues such as labor, income tax, etc
    Bank Reconciliation
    Meeting with agricultural consultants in respect to crops planted at farm (soursop, citrus, limes, coconuts, hardwood)

Teller (May 2011- August 2011)
Scotia Bank, Spanish Lookout, Cayo District

    Processing deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and loan payments
    Debiting and crediting customers account
    Validating and cashing checks
    Processing of night and ABM (Automated Banking Machine) deposits
    Increasing sales through effective marketing of products 

English and Spanish


BrIan Newman, Legal Counsel

Brian A. Newman is well known throughout Los Angeles County as an effective and knowledgeable attorney, stemming from his many years of hard work and experience. He was admitted to both the California State Bar and the U.S. Federal Courts in 1979, and has been practicing law ever since.

For the past 35 years, Brian A. Newman has devoted an extensive part of his practice to federal criminal law defense, including but not limited to white collar crimes, drug offenses, weapons charges and healthcare and Medicare fraud. 

In 2013, Mr. Newman received Super Lawyer recognition from Super Lawyers, as well as the Top 100 Trial Lawyers award from the National Trial Lawyers Association. He again received the Super Lawyer award in 2014, along with the Top 100 Lawyers award from Super Lawyers.


Adrienne Hernandez, VP of Marketing

Adrienne Hernandez is a social media and digital marketing consultant with the Whiz Bang Agency in Greater Los Angeles.  She is an expert on subjects including, brand marketing, persona development and increasing brand awareness and sales through innovative strategic thinking and problem solving.  

Adrienne is dedicated to focusing on the needs and demands of a diverse client list that builds target audiences, customer loyalty, and drives revenue.


Ben Herr, VP Of Land and Trees

A native of Oregon, Hurr spent 15 years as an underground utility specialist. 

Ben currently owns and operates Hurr Excavation on the Oregon coastline. The company specializes in tree harvesting and environmentally sound land reclamation and reuse.


Ken Owen, VP of Sales

Ken Owen was born and raised in Oregon. 

His 30-plus year business career is highlighted by creating sales and revenues for a wide variety of companies, including AT&T Business Systems.

Ken has spent the last several years as a Land Development Specialist and as an investor, raising capital for small to mid-sized companies in the two to five million-dollar space.