Planting Soursop Seeds into a Flourishing Tree – A Step by Step Guide

What can a flourishing soursop tree provide farmers and investors? Besides the incredibly beneficial and tasty fruit, guanabano or the soursop tree offers untold medicinal as well as economical benefits!

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Are you thinking of cultivating and growing this tree? An essential requirement of cultivating and growing soursop is seed plantation. Following the right method ensures a flourishing fruit bearing tree — but what is the right method?

Important Things to Remember About Planting Soursop Seeds

Soursop seeds produce bushy trees that grow up to 30 feet in height. But for that to happen, you need to pay special attention to the seeds after planting.

What do you have to gain with proper planting and caring of this plant? The trees produce juicy and tender fruits, used mostly for making preserves, desserts and delicious beverages.

Soursop Planting – Seeds Germination

The first step towards soursop cultivation is collecting good quality soursop seeds. Experts suggest the seeds should be soaked in water for a few hours to trigger the germination process.

One thing farmers should know about soursop seedlings – many don’t always survive especially if climate and soil conditions aren’t ideal. It is a good idea to plant more than one seed.

What to Do

Fill a small pot with rich potting soil and plant each seed at a depth of half an inch. The pots should be kept in a warm, shady spot in a proper designated area (such as a greenhouse).

Regular watering of the plant is recommended as the soul must remain moist at all times.

How to Care for Soursop Seedlings

Once planted, soursop seedlings are highly sensitive to changes in the climate. The planted seedlings need to be kept indoors for at least six months. If possible, increase the humidity levels in the greenhouse seeing you are growing a tropical plant.

Transplanting the Seedlings

This is the most important step. You need to plant seedlings in the ground with enough room to grow without being overcrowded. Plant the seedlings with at least 12 feet apart by digging a large hole to accommodate root ball of each seedling.

Fill the hole with potted soil, then a three inch mulch layer around the plant base. The addition of mulch will help with moisture retention and protect roots from cold weather. 

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