The Merits of Investing in Teak

teak plantatios.png

Teak trees are used for yielding high quality lumber that is used for crafting furnishings, ship decks, stunning millwork, and wooden flooring for homes.

But more than that, the hardwood comes with its own charm, texture, and beauty. Not only is it easy to cut and mold, its quality is famous around the world.

Compared to other types of hardwoods, there are more benefits to investing in the teak industry. Here are a few merits of teak to take into consideration:

Teak is One of the Highest Quality Woods

Teak is one of the best types of woods Mother Nature has to offer. There are 3 types of teak woods, when it comes to quality. Grade ‘A’ is the one that is used often by furniture and ship deck manufacturers. Obtained from the center of trunk of the tree, it’s rich in oil content, and is durable.

In fact, teak can last up to hundreds of years and is known for being incredibly strong. The texture of the wood is also smooth and warm, and is often used for crafting millwork. It has a natural ‘polish’ which gives the final product an incredible glow.

Resistant to Harsh Weather and Termites

Thanks to the oil content in teak, it’s resistant to moisture and termites. Harsh weather such as rain and snow cannot damage the wood or cause it to swell overtime.

Come hail, thunderstorms, or blizzards, teak wood does not get damaged by the weather. Similarly, it is resistant to termites and other pests. Termites are unable to chew into the wood, thanks to its high oil content and durability.

Luxury Yachts

Yachts are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. They are also known for being luxury cruises. Therefore, the materials used to restore or build them needs to be of the upmost quality.

This is where teak wood comes in. Since it is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, teak is used for restoring yachts, and crafting marine decks.

The wood is known being resistant to wrapping, cracking, and becoming brittle overtime. This makes it an excellent choice for ships because they are constantly exposed to water.

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