All About the Teak Wood Industry in Belize

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Known as ‘Eden on Earth’, Belize is home to incredible landscapes and stunning islands. The beautiful Central American nation boasts an abundance of forests and wildlife.

But one thing it is specifically known for is its teak wood plantations. Being home to thousands of teak trees, the beautiful country is a hub for investors looking to invest in high quality teak wood.

Since the ban on exports in countries that were major players in the teak industry in the past, many investors have had to look for opportunities elsewhere. Luckily, countries like Belize have the perfect temperature and climate for cultivation of teak.

The Value and Importance of Teak

The Middle East has used teak for its oil fields for decades. This is because it’s the only type of tree that can withstand harsh and dry weather conditions. Furthermore, it’s resistant to electrical sparks that can otherwise lead to explosions.

Thanks to its high oil content, it’s resistant to decay and mold. It’s used in various products related to furniture, as well as flooring and millwork.

But it’s best known for being used in high-end yachts, for restoration purposes, and decks.

Teak Plantations In Belize

Countries around the world are now trying to close the gap left behind by the major exporters of teak, after the ban on exports. Many have tried to create plantations for teak but have failed.

Thanks to the Belizean climate, teak would plantations have been successful in the Central American country.  

Belize has become a major player in the teak industry, hosting thousands of trees. The teak grown in the country is known for its durability and golden brown color. Not only does this make the hardwood desirable around the world, it’s a sign of premium quality, and successful cultivation.

One of the perks of investing in the agriculture industry is that it is a safe investment. Not only does it not depreciate at a fast pace, unlike other commodities, there’s a high chance that your investment into the Belizean teak industry will result in positive outcomes. Another perk is that after the 6 months layoff period, agricultural land can be reused.

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