A Taste of Soursop

One of the best things about soursop is that the fruit can be used for various purposes. From delicious meals, to medicine, it has a variety of  uses and benefits.

But more than that, it’s famous for being native to South America and Africa, and its commercial investment benefits.

People love soursop its distinctive bittersweet taste and its many nutritional benefits. But what does soursop taste like and what are the requirements for growing it?

A Taste of Soursop

Soursop is known for an exotic taste—something that cannot be defined easily. It has different flavors at different stages, but can be described as being similar to pineapples and strawberries, or a combination of both.

But some people say that soursop tastes like a combination of mangoes and pineapples. It depends on how you have the fruit—whether you eat it raw or decide to use it in a dessert, or recipe.

In a nutshell, soursop is a delicious fruit (don’t go after the name) that can be used in various recipes, or can be eaten raw as well.

Cultivating Soursop

In order to grow soursop trees, you need to make sure that the soil you’re planting in is a little acidic. This means that the pH level of the soil should be 5 or 6.5.

You can test the pH level of the soil by going to a local pharmacy, and you can purchase sphagnum peat to increase the pH level of your soil.

The humidity and temperature requirements of the soursop tree can often be complicated to deal with. You may have the space and the perfect soil, but if the temperature and humidity conditions aren’t up to par, the tree simply won’t grow!

This can be problematic since you’d have to wait 3 years for the tree to grow and bear fruit. So, what do you do?

If the temperature rises above 80 °F (around 27 °C), pollination will occur. However, if the temperature falls below 40 °F, the leaves will turn brown. This is bad because this lead to the death of your soursop tree.

So, what is the best temperature? Soursop trees produce the best harvest when subject to a relative humidity of 70 – 80%. More or less humid conditions will result in the tree dying and not growing.

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