The 3 Things You Need To Know About Teak Furniture

The wood obtained from a teak tree is surprisingly sturdy and extremely durable, which is why more and more carpenters are using it to create stunning pieces of furniture. From side tables to master beds, teak wood is more than well suited for all purposes!

teak furniture.png

However, before you invest heavily and get yourself the most expensive piece of teak furniture on the market, there are many things for you to consider. If you find yourself in the market for teak furniture, make sure to keep these things in mind:

1.     Aesthetics:

By far the most attractive feature of teak wood is its color and grain. Teak wood has a distinct golden-brown color which goes well with almost all interior design choices. Furniture designers have three options as far as the finish of teak furniture is concerned, namely;

1.      Natural

2.      Sealed

3.      Pre-weathered

What’s particularly amazing about teak wood is that it looks amazing no matter what finishing choice you opt for. That being said, if you choose to leave it unfinished (natural finishing), the wood will lose its original gold color and become sliver grey with time, so it’s better to go with a sealed or pre-weathered finish!

2.     Strength and Endurance:

What’s amazing about teak furniture is that it’s ridiculously strong and durable. The wood is particularly hard and can easily endure both warm and cold climates. Furthermore, even if blunt force is applied on a piece of teak furniture, there will be no dents or bruises whatsoever!

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This means that teak furniture can withstand whatever your house and time throws at it and can last for generations (in most conditions)! Thus, due to its remarkable strength and endurance, you should think of teak furniture as a long one-time investment!

3.     Cleaning:

The final thing you should remember about teak furniture is that it requires periodic maintenance. Depending on the complexity of the design you opt for, you could be required to clean it every six to twelve months. The problem with teak furniture is that the designs are often quite intricate which means there are many areas where dust deposits easily (with time) and can be relatively difficult to remove.

Fortunately, taking of teak furniture is very easy and you don’t even any special equipment at all! All you need is a diluted household cleaner and a brush. Scrub away, make sure to get the dust and dirt at the corners, and within 5 to 10 minutes, your piece of furniture will look as good as new!

teak wood furniture.png

And that concludes our list of things people should know about before they buy teak furniture. If you want to make teak investments, we would love to be of assistance to you.

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