What Sets Teak Wood Apart?

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Teak wood furniture is one of the most expensive types of furniture in the world, and for good reasons too! Teak is known for its durability and reliability, along with other incredible characteristics.

Many furniture connoisseurs advertise their teak products as ‘Grade A’, ‘Grade B’ or ‘Grace C’. While this can be confusing at first, these ‘grades’ actually refer to the quality of teak.

Since teak wood is an investment, you want to make sure you know all about the hardwood before you consider starting a business!

The ‘Grades’ of Teak Quality

Teak is most commonly found in Southeast Asian countries. However, with the ban over exportations, many investors are looking for opportunities elsewhere. Luckily, warmer countries (perfect temperature for teak) have started cultivating the hardwood.

However, there are different types of quality when it comes to teak wood. One thing to note is that despite having different levels of quality, teak has a better standard than any other hardwood.

Grade ‘A’

Grade ‘A’ refers to the highest quality of teak. It’s basically the mature heartwood of the tree. One thing to remember is that the older the tree, the better the wood is. Grade ‘A’ teak is at least 20 years old.

It’s obtained from the middle of the tree’s trunk and known for being rich in oil content. Since it’s the densest part of the tree, the grains are close. The color of the wood is either golden or medium brown. However, as the wood ages, its color changes.  

Grade ‘B’

Grade ‘B’ refers to the wood obtained from the outer sapwood of the tree. It’s not as uniform as Grade ‘A’ and comparatively, is dull in color. This type of wood is still immature.

Furnishings made from Grade ‘B’ are still of quality and can hold everything together, but compared to Grade ‘A’, it won’t last for several years unless a polished with a wood protector every year.

Grade ‘C’

Grade ‘C’ is the sapwood of the tree. This is the part of the tree that is still the initial stages of growth.

Since the sapwood carries water to the branches of the tree, it plays a vital role in its growth. It lacks oil and can be easily damaged.

The Benefits of Teak  

 There are several benefits of teak. Some of these include:

  • Resistance to termites and pests
  • Resistance to water/moisture
  • It’s strong, durable, and reliable
  • Can last up to hundreds of years
  • Considered the best type of wood in the world

For further information about teak and investments, contact TKO Farms, Inc. With a farmland that has more than 512 acres dedicated to cultivating teak trees, an investment in TKO Farms is more than rewarding, and an excellent way to get into the agricultural business!