5 Myths about Soursop We Are Led To Believe – And Why We Shouldn’t

Misinformation causes more casualties ignorance! Here are a few common myths associated with Soursop – DEBUNKED!

Often misinformation can be more harmful than ignorance. If people latch onto a false fact, they don’t only put themselves at risk but they also put their friends and family at risk! This is why it’s important to address and debunk myths before they take root in society.

Soursop Fruit

As far as soursop is concerned, there have been a few rumors circulating about the fruit. They range from senseless ‘facts’ to false ‘promises’ that need to be addressed. Today we’ll be looking at a few of these rumors and nip them in the bud.

Soursop Can Kill All Cancer Cells:

By far the biggest myth associated with soursop is that it can attack and kill all kinds of cancer cells. This is false. While soursop has shown signs that it can kill cancer cells in laboratories, human trials are yet to start. So right now, there’s simply no way of knowing if these effects will transfer over to humans.


Soursop Can Be Used As An Alternate To Chemotherapy:

The most viral campaign associated with soursop fruit was that it’s 10,000 times as powerful as chemotherapy. This is simply not the case.

The importance of chemotherapy in cancer treatment cannot be understated. Currently there are no substitutes that are as effective at limiting cancer as chemotherapy, so don’t rely on a wonderfruit, and get the medical attention that you deserve!

Soursop Can Cause Parkinson’s Disease:

On the other end of the spectrum are few myths that perpetuate baseless ‘facts’ about the soursop. One of these senseless ‘facts’ include the common myth that soursop causes Parkinson’s Disease.

This is based off a study done in the French West Indies which concluded that there are links between developing Parkinson’s disease and the consumption of soursop. However, the study is not taken as a matter of fact because it focused had a very small sample size, and on people that already had the disease.

Soursop Causes Insomnia:

Another common myth associated with soursop consumption is that it causes insomnia. Actually, the exact opposite is true!

Analysis of soursop tree has revealed that it has stress reliving and anxiety reducing properties, which do wonders for insomniacs. Therefore, a normal serving of 150 ml of soursop tea before bed will be great at calming the nerves and putting you to bed!


Soursop Is Injurious To Health:

While some are just skeptic about the effects of soursop, there are others who believe that the fruit is the devil. They’re convinced that soursop can attack and damage nervous systems and cause movement disorders in toddlers. This could not be further from the truth!

Soursop has many medical benefits like reducing the chances of eye diseases, and improved skin care! We at TKO Farms know that soursop has a lot of benefits which is why we take special care when growing the fruit. We have state of the art farms and lands that are dedicated to soursop farming. Feel free to contact us for further information!